Providing water for all, to a growing population in developing countries; EMAS and SMART Centres are joining forces

The only way to provide water for all, to a growing population in developing countries, is to
capacitate the same people to solve that problem. EMAS and SMART Centres have been
training and guiding small-scale entrepreneurs in developing countries for many years.
Trained entrepreneurs now supply affordable water technologies to communities and
households in over 20 countries serving more than 2 million people.
EMAS and SMARTechnologies are complimentary and the organisations share the same
philosophy towards sustainable development. Our mutual goal is to establish supply chains
of Market-based, Affordable and Replicable technologies that are also fit for households
(Self-supply). By joining forces SMART Centres and EMAS will increase the number of small
water enterprises, make them more robust and offer a larger variety of technologies and
services to their customers.
We believe that investing in capacity building creates the conditions for sustainable rural
water supply.

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