Self-Supply through Teaching

We make a contribution in developing countries through teaching people simple techniques that allow them to get access of water and sanitation. The use of local materials and the involvement of families allow the conservation of it.

Meanwhile the low cost permits who has learnt these techniques become professionals that offer their neighbors the access to water with an affordable price. There is a double benefit, job creation in less-favoured zones and improvement of life, health and nutrition conditions.

Supporters: EU, NGOs and families.

The European Union and NGOs such as Welhungerhilfe support these techniques, moreover, the Rural Water Supply Network that is the main web of water in rural areas, has carried out studies where sustainability is demonstrated.

However, the biggest support comes from the testimony of partners, they get benefits from more than 100.000 systems, all of them were performed by the learners and 90% paid directly by families without any fundraising or subsidiary.

TADEH, EMAS and our Mission

TADEH, we are EMAS representative in Spain since 2014. EMAS (Mobile School of Water and Sanitation) was coined in the 80´s in Bolivia by Wolfgang Buchner, supported by a group of volunteers. Our main mission is to teach families how to obtain clean sanitised water by themselves.

“Hand-on learning” is the most optimal way to learn these techniques. As a complement and purpose of bringing these systems to all the world, it has been documented its construction through free accessing tutorial videos. Moreover, part of our technology such as the manual pump or the deep drilling system (100m) has been patented and it can be used for everyone who needs it.

Our Vision is to disappear as an NGO and our techniques and other equal sustainability integrate into education systems as one more profession and achieve a world where all people have access to clean water and sanitation and allow them to develop in person.

More than half a million of people has access to water. In this 30 years we have been working 500 technicians have learned EMAS techniques. They have built more than 60.000 wells, 6.000 rainwater storage cisterns and more than 100.000 pumps.

As a “Mobile” School, we collaborate throughout the world, permanently in our Training Centers in Bolivia, Sierra Leone and now in Bilbao, Spain.