EMAS Course Feb 22 Senegal

EMAS Course Feb 22 Senegal

Good morning everybody,

Here  is the call for the course on Appropiate Water and Sanitation Technologies , a practical approach to meeting basic water and sanitation needs, creating employment and training for education.
This video shows the implementation of these technologies in Sierra Leone and the response of the population.

The course will take place in Dioulacolon in the Kolda region (Casamance),Senegal, at the premises of the Spanish NGO AIDA.

This course is mainly aimed at local staff working with organisations working in impoverished countries.

  • Organisations working in developing countries and wishing to support self-supplyas a way of meeting basic needs in terms of access to water and sanitation
  • Organisations wishing to contribute to food security especially through improved agricultural production
  • Organisations that wish to promote the generation of employment in the water and sanitation sector, and also especially in the agricultural sector, enabling families to have their own vegetable gardens and create their own businesses, helping to improve the social and economic fabric of the region.

These organisations work in  mainly rural area and must select candidates who will then be supported to become future water and sanitation technicians in their areas of work.

The course is free of charge, including food and accommodation for 3 weeks. You only have to apply for the course, and do a previous work, which is to build a small pump or a small water tank with the video tutorials. This is a selection criterion to see the interest of the participants.

Applications should be sent indicating in the subject “Application for participation in the EMAS course” to the following address: asociaciontadeh@gmail.com with a copy to marian.dia@ong-aida.org.

The most relevant dates of the call for applications are shown below:

  • December, 15 2021à Last day to send questions about the call.
  • Januray, 15 2021à Last day to send the applications and photos and videos of the bomba or
  • February 4, 2021 àCommunication of admitted and not admitted to participate in the course.
  • February 19, 2021 àBeginning of the course. The start of the selected students will be confirmed as soon as possible
  • March 4, 2021àCompletion of the course for students not selected for the equipment construction and electrical testing part.
  • March 10, 2021 à End of the course.