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Post at RWSN

Aquí os dejamos el siguiente post sobre EMAS que hemos escrito y os han publicado en la RWSN The EMAS WaSH technologies –­ experiences, achievements and future goals

Thursday November 10th, 2022Thursday November 10th, 2022by

Open doors day and EMAS course

 EMAS COURSE and Open Doors Days! Next September 30 and 1st October  we invite you to the open doors days in our demonstrative space of EMAS adapted technologies for access to drinking water and sanitation. You can choose the date that best fits you. We will show you how to build EMAS  pumps with PVC...

Thursday September 15th, 2022Tuesday September 27th, 2022by

Promotional video

We would like to share  our newest promotion video about the EMAS manual drilling technology and achievements during the past 40 years. Some words about EMAS EMAS is the spanish abbreviation for Escuela Movil Agua y Saneamiento (in english Mobile School of Water and Sanitation) Since the 80’s EMAS has trained hundrets of WASH technicians resulting in more...

Thursday September 1st, 2022Thursday September 1st, 2022by

Kenya Course May 2022

During the month of May we have been together with Smart Center and EMAS in Kenya, in the Kissi area, working with the local NGO Aqua Clara. We have shown manual drilling and made manual pumps and some rainwater harvesting system. We have also spent time upgrading open wells with the installation of a pump...

Wednesday June 29th, 2022Wednesday June 29th, 2022by

Course Senegal feb 2022

Hello everyone! The end of a new course in Kolda, Senegal, which we started on February 15, has already come. It has been four intense weeks where participants have come from different parts of the country attracted by the desire to learn. During this course has been achieved: Construction of a manual pump, one for...

Monday March 21st, 2022Monday March 21st, 2022by

Perforacion y

DAY OF ACTIVITIES! This past Saturday, January 8th, we held a small demonstration in our workspace in Derio where several volunteers, members and those interested in our work were able to see first hand how to drill a well with the EMAS method and how to install a water pump made of PVC and marbles....

Sunday January 9th, 2022Tuesday February 1st, 2022by

EMAS Course Feb 22 Senegal

Good morning everybody, Here  is the call for the course on Appropiate Water and Sanitation Technologies , a practical approach to meeting basic water and sanitation needs, creating employment and training for education. This video shows the implementation of these technologies in Sierra Leone and the response of the population. The course will take place in Dioulacolon...

Thursday November 25th, 2021Tuesday February 1st, 2022by

Course Senegal October 2021

The end of this October / November trip to Senegal has now come, in which we have traveled the country from north to south, covering more than 1,400 km and about 40 hours of roads and paths. We have visited, supported and trained new and old drillers passing through Saint Louis, Kolda and Ouonk (Ziginchor)....

Tuesday November 23rd, 2021Tuesday February 1st, 2022by