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Mision Mali and Bissau

Just arrived after having spent 5 weeks in Mali and Guinea Bissau. Total success! 4 drilled wells up to 25m in Bissau, the fourth completley drilled by local trainees. We will keep supporting them!

Tuesday September 11th, 2018Tuesday September 11th, 2018by

EMAS Pump course

[EN/DEU] A successful workshop-weekend for EMAS-Pump-construction in Bilbao, Spain. A great atmosphere among the participants from AUARA, OAN International, Sodepaz, Isf, Euskadi, Koop SF 34 and others. ——————————————————————– Ein erfolgreiches Workshop-Wochenende zum Bau von EMAS-Pumpen in Bilbao, Spanien. Alle Teilnehmer konnten erfolgreich ihre Pumpen bauen! Es herrschte eine hervorragende Stimmung unter den Teilnehmern von AUARA,...

Friday May 25th, 2018Sunday December 23rd, 2018by

Open day and EMAS pump course

On the 19th of May we wil make and event: 11:30 Open Day to visit the EMAS showroom at Bilbao, Spain 14.30  Practical Course to EMAS pumps

Tuesday April 10th, 2018Sunday December 23rd, 2018by