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Course at Salesianos collegue

For a week we have been giving workshops on Salesianos Deusto school to ESO. Students have also been able to get closer to the reality of our projects by making a hand pump by themselves and even testing the hand drill.

Sunday April 25th, 2021Wednesday May 12th, 2021by


A NEW COURSE FINISHED The training in Kolda (Senegal) has come to an end with very good results and great expectations for the future. During the month of February it has been achieved:  Training of 18 technicians.  8 wells up to 25 metres deep have been drilled.  Manufacture of hand pumps.  Preparation of 3 drilling...

Thursday March 4th, 2021Thursday March 4th, 2021by

Convocatoria para el curso de tecnologías en agua y saneamiento EMAS en Senegal

(español abajo) Bonjour à tous, Veuillez recevoir ici l’appel pour le cours sur les technologies adaptées dans le domaine de l’eau et de l’assainissement (EMAS), une approche pratique pour répondre aux besoins fondamentaux concernant l’approvisionnement en eau et l’assainissement, par la création d’emplois et par la formation à enseigner en Dioulacolon dans la région de Kolda (Casamance)....

Monday November 16th, 2020Monday November 16th, 2020by

Pilot Course at India

During the month of February, we have make an EMAS pilot course about EMAS technologies at Golana, in India, in the region of Guyarat.. During two weeks we have prepare a workshop, build a drilling equipment and drilled two wells from 14 and 25 meters. Unlikely the water is a bit salty, however we have...

Monday February 24th, 2020Wednesday November 4th, 2020by

Providing water for all, to a growing population in developing countries; EMAS and SMART Centres are joining forces

The only way to provide water for all, to a growing population in developing countries, is to capacitate the same people to solve that problem. EMAS and SMART Centres have been training and guiding small-scale entrepreneurs in developing countries for many years. Trained entrepreneurs now supply affordable water technologies to communities and households in over...

Wednesday October 23rd, 2019Wednesday November 4th, 2020by

EMAS international course at Kolda

For a second time within 2019 we went back to Kolda, Senegal. In cooperation with  the spanish NGO AIDA an EMAS international training course was held for 15 trainees who came from Senegal, Guinea Bissau and Mali. As part of training 3 EMAS wells have been drilled (each 22 meters deep). Two of them for...

Thursday October 3rd, 2019Wednesday November 4th, 2020by

Premios a la gestion sostenible del Agua

La Fundación Botín nos ha entregado el a la la Gestion Sostenible del  Agua 2019 en la modalidad Modelos de Gestión y Tecnologías que contribuyen a la Gestión Sostenible Dirigidos a Proveer Servicios de Agua a Poblaciones Vulnerables. En las fotos, Ángel Arquero recibiendo el premio en Madrid y el certificado del premio concedido  ...

Tuesday September 24th, 2019Wednesday November 4th, 2020by
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