Pilot Course Guinea Bissau

Pilot Course Guinea Bissau


We are back from a pilot course, this time in Guinea Bissau, in the Oio region.

Six students from the area have participated.

During these weeks:
?A drilling rig has been built with the capacity to reach 60 meters depth.
? They have carried out 2 manual drillings in areas with high rock concentration (layers of 5 metres approx.).
? Learned how to manufacture essential parts of the EMAS hand pump.
? They have also accompanied the practice with theory on a daily basis to facilitate the understanding of the techniques.

In this pilot course, both the local population and the organisation we have worked with, as well as the students, have shown great interest and collaboration. We hope to be able to continue with new trainings with them in the near future where more participants and families can benefit.

As always, thank you for everything and see you soon!