Guinea Bissau Course Octobre 2023

Guinea Bissau Course Octobre 2023

The end of a new course has come, this time in Djalicunda (Guinea Bissau), which started on the 25th of September.

It has been an intense few weeks where participants have come from different parts of the country such as Cacheu, Bafatay or the Bolama Islands, attracted by the desire to learn.

During this course we have achieved:
? Construction of a hand pump for each student.
? Manual drilling of 5 wells in vegetable gardens and houses.
? Initiation to welding and construction of essential parts of a drilling rig.
? Complete construction of 3 drilling rigs at the students’ disposal.

Finally, theory classes were held to consolidate the knowledge learnt in practice. In addition to technical concepts, these didactic sessions have included basic business management issues and cost calculations with the aim of enabling them to successfully run their microenterprises and to be able to provide their services to all their neighbours. 2in1: employment generation and drinking water supply.

We share with you a video that summarises this month of work.