Coureo Benin Feb 2024

Coureo Benin Feb 2024

The end of a new course has already arrived, this time in Ouenou (Benin), which began on January 29.

It has been an intense few weeks where participants have come from different regions in the north of the country, attracted by the desire to learn new technologies. In their areas, access to water is a challenge and many existing wells dry up in these months without rain.

For our part, we have had to face a soil hitherto unknown to us and, due to some mineral peculiarities of the terrain, we have had to develop a new drilling and filter technique that, from what we have tested so far, seems to be successful and solve the problem.

Additionally, during this course it has been achieved:
💧 Construction of a manual pump for each student.
💧 Manual drilling of 3 wells.
💧 Construction of a complete rainwater collection system with a 7,000 liter capacity cistern.
💧 Construction of a small 90-liter ferrocement tank with service to a sink.
💧 Introduction to welding for all students.
💧 Complete construction of 1 drilling rig.

Theoretical classes have been held daily with which the knowledge learned in practice was established. These didactic sessions have included, in addition to technical concepts, basic issues of calculations of associated costs of the built systems. That is, the competitive and fair prices at which these water and sanitation systems can be offered to future users and clients.

We share a video that summarizes this month of work. Once again, thank you very much for your support.